Episode 257: The Power of SURRENDER with Julie Solomon

manifestation May 06, 2019

Today’s guest is someone who I’ve gotten to know recently, and you’re going to love hearing her story of explosive, out-of-this world growth. Julie Solomon is the host of the super-popular Influencer Podcast, and she shares how she’s been get to where she is today, and also what she needs to change in her life moving forward. Julie is open in that like all of us, she doesn’t have everything figured out yet, and for that reason, this is one of my favorite episodes to record. I love talking with people who are not only crushing it, but are also willing to share their struggles and the lessons learned along the way.

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In the episode you’ll hear:

  • The way Julie got her start in the online space back in 2013

  • How she was able to monetize her first blog, even without a large following

  • The story of her first online program and the why she created her podcast

  • What Julie attributes the tremendous growth of her business to

  • What happened when she realized she needed to show up authentically to her audience and start surrendering to something bigger

  • The role of an influencer and coach - and what that person isn’t

  • How Julie is now letting go of things this year and the biggest fear she discovered she had

  • The big question she is now asking herself…



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