Episode 205: $500k AND a Full-Time Job with Jason Brown

inspiration Oct 31, 2018

Do you think it’s possible to generate multiple 6-figures of revenue in your online business, all while holding a full-time job? It sure is, and my guest today did it! Jason Brown runs The Brown Report, and as a stock market coach and trader he helps his students learn how to open their first trading account, read stock charts and gain confidence in their trading.

I’ve personally known Jason for about 3 years now and he’s a member of my Inner Circle Mastermind, and his story is a powerful one. What he has to say today will get you to challenge your own existing beliefs and stories about your job and what you think is holding you back from running a successful online business! 

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In the episode you’ll hear:

  • Jason’s philosophy for business and the 3 core principles he never lost sight of

  • Why quitting your job too soon is a big mistake that many entrepreneurs will make

  • What a typically day for Jason would look like while he was working a corporate job and building his dream business on the side

  • The “missing piece” that was holding Jason back from success online

  • How he knew it was time to quit his corporate job, including the “light bulb moment” that gave him the push

  • What his life and business look like now…

  • Jason’s advice for someone struggling to balance a full-time job while pursuing their dreams of owning a business

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