Episode 196: Quitting Corporate in 90 Days with Misha Saidov

increased performance Oct 09, 2018

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My guest today for this bonus case study episode is Misha Saidov, a student of our high-level coaching program, BBD Next Level. Misha’s story is an inspiring one, because he was able to make $100,000 in just 3 months and as result, leave his corporate job. He did this with no list or paid advertising - while working that corporate job. Stay with us until the very end of this episode and you’ll hear Misha’s tips for growing a thriving Facebook group that will blow your mind!

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In the episode you’ll hear:

  • What to do before investing in paid advertising

  • Why Misha decided to create a thriving Facebook group and the approach he took to make it happen

  • How he got his group to “critical mass” and to make it interactive and self-sustaining

  • The way Misha used collaboration to grow it and when he knew it was time to launch

  • The reasons he remained focused on one product instead of expanding to multiple offerings

  • What plans he has for his next launch and why he’s pivoted to a membership model

  • The principles he used to create his Facebook community and the critical mistakes most people are making

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