Episode 190: From $7/hour to Five-figure Paydays with Reverend Erin-Ashley Kerti

inspiration Sep 25, 2018

On today’s bonus episode, we’re sharing a case study of a member of our BBD community who went from charging $7 to doing 5-figure launches in her very unique niche!

Reverend Erin-Ashley Kerti, is the founder of Spiritual Mechanic. She started Spiritual Mechanic to help empaths and other psychically sensitive individuals learn how to step into their soul purposes and heal the world, and you can learn more about Erin-Ashley and what she does at https://www.spiritualmechanic.com/.

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In the episode you’ll hear:

  • How Erin-Ashley serves her clients in a very unique niche

  • The powerful story of her first vision at age 19 and how she intentionally started developing her psychic abilities

  • Why she realized that she needed to raise her rates and scale her business and the way she set about doing both  

  • The changes Erin-Ashley made to generate more money – with less work

  • What’s possible for her now and what true logic and intuition really look like

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Erin-Ashley’s Website/Free Meditation Download and Courses

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