Episode 185: Get Out Of Your Own Way & Get What You Want with Jim Fortin

mindset Sep 09, 2018

My guest today is my friend and coach Jim Fortin, and he is talking about the 4 steps to master in your life so that you can finally get out of your own way and get more of what you want (with less effort)! To learn more about how to do this, I’m bringing Jim on live this Wednesday, September 12th, and to join us simply visit http://jameswedmore.com/live.

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In the episode you’ll hear:

  • How what Jim talks about today will differ from the first two times he appeared on this podcast

  • His “Four Pillars of Impeccability” and what they can do for you

  • The ways our ego and physical world is holding us back

  • What balance really is and how to do it right

  • Why we should never use money to define ourselves, and what happens if you do

  • What Jim means when he says we are not our bodies, and that nothing exists except now

  • What use to be one of his biggest limitations, and how he was able to overcome it

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Join Jim and I Live – Wednesday, September 12th!

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