Episode 177: Interpret Your Dreams, Change Your Life! with J.M. DeBord

increased performance Jul 22, 2018

Have you ever wondered if your dreams actually have meaning? Today I’m joined by J.M. DeBord, the bestselling author of two books about dream interpretation, to explore this topic. J.M. is also the lead moderator of the largest public online community for dreams, called Reddit Dreams, and he is the creator of DreamSchool.net and the D3 Dream Interpretation System. Today you’re going to find out what the function and purpose of your dreams really are, and the potential and possibilities they can unlock in your life.

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In the episode you’ll hear:

  • What can be found in your dreams
  • Why it is necessary to dream and what can happen when you don’t acknowledge them
  • Examples of how dreams have influenced famous people
  • How we can start learning to interpret the language of dreams
  • His 4 keys for quick dream analysis
  • J.M. analyze my dreams, and those of my Instagram followers

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 J.M.’s Website Dreams 1-2-3

His Books, Dreams 1-2-3 & The Dream Interpretation Dictionary

Dream School

His Course, Dream Interpretation, the Art and Science & Free Intro to Dream Interpretation and Analysis

Reddit Dreams


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