Episode 163: My Struggle to 7-Figures PART 1

inspiration May 20, 2018

This episode is a special one, and it’s a little bit different. I’m being interviewed by Theresa Loe, a Business By Design student and host of the Living Homegrown Podcast, about my origin story.  If you’re a regular listener of the podcast you may have heard bits and pieces of how I started in business and got to where I am today, but in Part 1 of this two-part series we really go deep about the low points, struggles, setbacks and breakthroughs that I’ve experienced along the way. There’s a lot here that I’ve never shared publicly, and I hope you find value in my story that can help you in your own journey!

In the episode you’ll learn:

  • My earliest entrepreneurial ventures and the money story I was told growing up
  • The powerful lesson that taught me about profit and how I really learned how to bargain
  • How I first ventured into the online marketing world and learned marketing, SEO, and so much more…
  • A painful experience and “mistake” that became the best thing that ever happened to me
  • The way spirituality was introduced to my life and developed over the years to influence everything I do


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