Episode 158: Creating Opportunity with Eben Pagan

On today’s special bonus episode I’m talking with Eben Pagan about how to create, and recognize opportunity. You’re going to here why this is so important and as Eben says, something that we all must absolutely make a study of. Not only do we discuss opportunity today, but we cover so much more in this one in terms of business, relationships and creating the life we really want to live.

Eben Pagan is an entrepreneur and investor who has built over ten different online brands and businesses to the million dollar level. His businesses are all 100% virtual, with no office – and he’s been doing this for over 15 years now! Eben and his family spend more than six months per year traveling, and living the “virtual lifestyle.”

To celebrate the launch of his new book, OPPORTUNITY, Eben is doing his launch right now, and he will send you a copy of this book for free - you just cover shipping and handling. He also has a special bonus package that includes live training, downloads and other goodies worth $197, that you get as a gift when you order the book. As part of it, you get to join Eben for a special workshop: “The Best Opportunities Of 2018” where you’ll learn about important business, investing, and learning opportunities that are coming over the horizon. Hurry, this offer is good only until Thursday, April 26th, 2018!

Go Here To Get Your Free Copy Now: http://jameswedmore.com/opportunity

If you only read one new book this year, make sure that this is it! Order it now, and learn how to find and create a lot more opportunity in your life.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why Eben titled his new book “Opportunity” and what inspired him to write it
  • His thoughts on goal setting and how it relates to creating opportunities
  • How to open yourself up to new opportunities
  • The formative experience that taught him that he could literally change his circumstances
  • What his reference points for success are today and how the metrics he uses for success has changed over the years
  • Ways you can recognize opportunities that align with your values and lifestyle, and some patterns around that he’s noticed
  • What his new book is all about – and what you can expect to get from it

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