Episode 129: 10 Lessons From 10 Years of Messing Up

As I approach my 10-year anniversary in business, I wanted to share the big lessons that I’ve learned during this time.  It’s been one step (and lesson) at a time, and my hope is that something you hear today can help you in your business. If one or more of these lessons stands out for you, please reach out and leave a comment for me on this post for this episode!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What can really happen for you when you master your own mindset 
  • Something almost everyone is doing that can keep you a prisoner… 
  • There’s a power with this “F-Word”! 
  • Where money really comes from 
  • The choices you can make to have more fun in your day 
  • Why simply copying what others are doing isn’t the way to go 
  • No matter what business is in, you’ll have to learn to master this 
  • How structure can be the path to freedom! 
  • What you can start doing to get your power back

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