Episode 121: Use Your Body to Access Unlimited Potential with Laura Hames Franklin

mindset Oct 15, 2017

Your body is talking, but are you listening to what it has to say? My guest today is Laura Hames Franklin, who’s returning to the podcast to reveal the true role that your physical body plays in your life. I’m excited to bring you this one because I’ve worked with Laura for years and I’ve seen firsthand the transformative work that she’s done on me!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The way to access your subconscious mind through your body’s wisdom 
  • Why going to the gym and doing yoga is great, but they might not be enough… 
  • What has to happen before we can really start working with our bodies 
  • How Laura applies the realizations she’s made about her body to her own business 
  • A practical exercise you can do now to feel amazing!

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