Episode 119: Mastering Your Marketing Mindset with Brian Kurtz

mindset Oct 01, 2017

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • There’s a power in having true relationships - and it’s not just about having the most Facebook friends
  • Marketing isn’t everything, it’s the only thing (and it’s not evil)!
  • Why it’s better to own a niche than the world!
  • How asking yourself this single question can lead to powerful revelations
  • The Internet is the ultimate direct marketing medium, but the results have to be these two things…The concept of “RFM” and how it can be applied to your business
  • Your mentors choose you (not the other way around)
  •  What you can do to write, even if you don’t like doing copy
  • The “40/20/20” rule of direct marketing
  • Three powerful quotes that can help the frustrated entrepreneur – today!

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