PART 1: How To Have Your Biggest Breakthrough In Business Yet: The Rise Of The Digital CEO Recap (Limited Time Release)

Uncategorized Jun 10, 2024

If you didn’t join us for Part One of The Rise Of The Digital CEO which just kicked off last Thursday, no worries, because today I’ve got you covered with a special recap of that training for you to check out here on the podcast! 

For this episode we had to remove many of the stories, exercises and journal prompts from the original training to bring you this abridged podcast version, but you’re still going to get the essential ingredients needed to create your biggest breakthrough in business yet.

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In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • The struggles I faced early in my business and how I realized that I had to look inside and change the way that I was showing up in my business 
  • A breakdown of the simple “TLC” plan to profitability 
  • The big impact that my personal growth has had in the growth of my business and the major breakthroughs that I’ve experienced since starting 
  • Why right now is such an exciting time for online course creators, but why so many are also wanting to give up 
  • A major mistake that I made in 2013 after seeing explosive growth in my business, and the lightbulb moment that forever changed the trajectory of my life 
  • How and why I created Business By Design to teach others the lessons that I learned 
  • What the logical levels are all about and this impacts the Digital CEO 
  • The 3 essential things to start doing NOW in order to operate as the Digital CEO you were meant to be 
  • An exercise you can do to figure out the exact activities you should be focusing on in your business 
  • A sneak peek at what the next training will cover and why you won’t want to miss it


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