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Episode 095: 5 Ways to Reframe Failure

Today we’re talking about the dreaded “F” Word: Failure. Failure is inevitable (especially if you’re in business!) which means if you’re trying to avoid it, that’s going to be tricky. We’ll be exploring what failure really is, how to deal with it and how you can reframe it so you can get back into action quickly!

 In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How you define “failure” can result in a label you give yourself
  • Why hitting (or not hitting your goal) has nothing to do with your self-worth
  • How numbers can fool you and we might not be measuring the right things
  • Why comparing yourself to others is a dangerous game!
  • Letting go of the attachment of when it will happen will alleviate pressure
  • How lessons are more valuable than money
  • There’s always money on the table – you just have to think outside of the box to get it…
  • Why we should always be encouraging failure!

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