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Episode 090: Cracking the 6-Figure Code

In this episode I’m talking about something that’s on a lot of people’s minds: How can you get to 6-figures in your business? Phoebe and I break this down from different angles and provide you with a framework and structure that you can apply to any financial goal that you want to achieve, regardless of the dollar value.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  •  How $100,000 per year seems to carry with it a some sort of badge of honor
  • Why 6-figures is a good goal (or what I like to say, game) to shoot for
  • Manifesting and visualizing what you want is important, but the right plan and structure is needed to get there
  • Breaking your targets in quarters, months, weeks and days can make things more manageable
  • What role should opportunity cost play in all of your business decisions?
  • Phoebe’s “Prep-Promote-Unpack” strategy that she recommends
  • A key mistake entrepreneurs are making that actually is self-sabotaging them from achieving more success
  • Three things you can start doing immediately to make your 6-figure business a reality!

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