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Episode 083: Understanding Crystals

Chris von der Mehden is a transformational speaker and the founder of Zero to Zen Meditation, as well as a returning guest of The Mind Your Business Podcast. Today, Chris shares his knowledge about crystals: their purpose, specific exercises on how to use them and how they can help you with your own mindset!

Phoebe has gotten into crystals as of late and has purchased many of them recently. James got interested when he starting doing energy healing work, and after being sceptical of the power of crystals at first, he now has multiple ones throughout his home and office.

James says that using crystals in your life is a great tool, and a way of “stacking the deck.”

Chris studied with remarkable spiritual teachers for over 15 years, but he still had a block holding him back when it came to crystals. Years later in a metaphysical shop, he bought one recommended by the owner and the first time he held it, Chris felt a surge of energy travel up his arm and throughout his body.

He now sees that the block he had of not wanting to believe in crystals was holding him back from experiencing their energy. He adds that understanding and using crystals is a skill that anyone can begin to develop.

To get a basic understanding of crystals, you need to first understand that you are not just your body, and there is more to you. You are also not your thoughts, because in meditation you can get to a place where you have no thoughts and you are still you. You are also not your emotions, because they are always changing.

To Chris, the essence of self is spiritual, or energetic, which is the same with crystals. They can resonate with us and cause significant changes as they have information, or a message, that they are sending out.

There are thousands of types of crystals, and each one is very different in terms of their use. Crystals can help get rid of the things in your life that you don’t want, like stress, fear and worry, by clearing them out so that you can create a reality that you do prefer.

A crystal grid can enhance the energy of the crystals, and can be made with two or more of them arranged with some kind of intention. Chris shares that it was through a gridding experience that his journey with crystals truly began.

Crystals can also be correlated with the 7 main chakras, each with their own realm of energy.

He recommends that someone interested in crystals first get some kind of grounding stone, like smoky quartz, which will aid you in letting go of things that no longer serve you. In James’ experience, this type of crystal is also a very good absorber of negative energy.

Chris explains that there are four ways of working with the stones: passive, active, resonating and projecting. With passive, you’re getting some residual benefits by just having the crystal near you. Active work involves putting your attention or focus on it and resonating happens when you start sending the energy back to the stone. After you’ve maxed out resonating work, everything is cleared out and you simply are the energy of the stone, which is what he calls “projecting.”

Like everything, crystals can store information and pick up energy, which means you may want to clear it first. This can be done by leaving them in the sun for a short period of time, or use something like sage to do it. Chris says that you can also make the intention of blessing the crystal and visualize it as being purified to clear it out.

Chris uses crystals because there is always that next level we can get to, and they can accelerate this process.

Any kind of grounding stone, like smoky quartz, obsidian and black tourmaline can be used to decrease stress. To increase abundance in your life, heliodor and peridot crystals are effective and to manifest love, a new business partner or clients, rose quartz and morganite is common. For health and vitality, carnelian and vitalite crystals gets the energy of the body moving.

Crystals have allowed Chris to step up to his own self-expression and power. Use them in your life and they could do the same for you!

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