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Episode 079: What's Missing?

In this episode, James and Phoebe explore what’s really needed to take a new business to 7, 8 or even 9-figures. Is this even possible, and if so, what’s holding you back? Grab your pen, because today they’re sharing the essential ingredients that will get you to that next level!

First, it helps to define what success means to you. You really can’t have money as the only measure of this, as you’ll have to weigh the costs associated with achieving a certain level of “success.” This could include considering the sacrifices you will make to your health.

Entrepreneurs are always building their businesses or vision, but tend to never really stop to consider what it will look like when finished.

To Phoebe, confidence and an openness and ability to sort our your personal stuff is a key ingredient of success. James notes that true confidence comes when you have self-worth. If you’re always driven to compensate for worthiness, what you get will never really be enough. Confidence is a state of being, and it can’t be described until you have it! This also ties into acceptance; both of the good and bad sides of yourself.

Taking full responsibility for everything that happens in your life is a lot harder than you may think, but necessary. Don’t play the victim, and stop blaming the economy, politicians and even technology for where you are today. It’s up to you; take action and responsibility for your own results!

Patience and the ability to commit to the long game, instead of looking for instant gratification, will help get you to where you want to go in life. A lot of times, by taking action just to do something, you’ll be inefficient and no further ahead. Know that your success is inevitable, and don’t let the fear of it not working out steer you, which will ultimately steer your results.

A commitment to yourself and what you want, as well as to the service of others, is a common characteristic of successful people. Often we minimize what we know and our gifts because our gifts are what comes the most easy to us. Use them to help others and have them impact someone else’s life, which is an extraordinary experience. As well, having compassion for others, and being able to put yourself in their situation, is a key ingredient that entrepreneurs are often missing.

A big piece of being an entrepreneur is financial, and you have to get comfortable with asking for money, or your worth. This can be the scariest part of this whole process (but also the most fun). The transformation starts at the transaction and you really just have to get over this fear and ask!

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