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Episode 077: Tapping Into Abundance

On today’s show, James and Phoebe are joined by Melanie Bundock, an Emotional Freedom Technique practioner and creator of the Tapping Into Abundance online program. Melanie shares what EFT is all about, as well as taking listeners through an actual tapping session that can help shift emotional states and release any blocks that might be present! Melanie has worked with James, using EFT to help him with the stress and anxiety he has around flying. Phoebe shares that she’s had experiences with EFT as well and recently has seen some positive results from it.

Melanie says that as humans, we are all governed by our emotions. EFT is used to free us from our emotions and it has a many benefits associated with its use.

She was a licensed therapist offering reiki and reflexology, when she noticed that clients were coming to her with emotional-based problems. She became fascinated with EFT and trained to be a practitioner, so she could use it with clients.

Melanie adds that EFT is about getting to the root cause of the problem much quicker, and it often has longer last effects than other methods. It involves tapping with the fingers at certain points of the body, which relate to different emotions.

Tapping can be a useful tool for entrepreneurs, as they often feel stuck or that they’re not good enough.

When not feeling good, it’s key to be aware of this. When you are aware of your emotions, that is the first step and you are then able to do something about it. EFT can help you feel more calm, inspired and motivated, and with tapping you are able to choose your feelings.

Melanie herself has gained awareness around the emotions surrounding money. When we’re able to spend freely, it feels good, but when money is lacking that is when anxiety, worry and stress starts to creep in.

Her recent course launch was a great success, with many participants having breakthrough moments, particularly when they realized the different money stories they had been carrying around with them all of their lives.

She notes that when we take bold, inspired action without fear, like she did by releasing her course, that is when the rewards come.

Melanie uses tapping with a vision board, as well as visualization, to help her clients get back into alignment with their visions.

There are many common stories that people tell themselves that will keep them from abundance. Some examples are, “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” and “You have to work hard to make money or be successful.”

There can be an element of guilt felt when money comes too easily, and a tapping session can clear these beliefs and bring back the state of possibility!

When using tapping, one first must acknowledge the problem or belief. This is similar to finding a weed that needs to be uprooted from a garden. Once they are cleared out, positive language or affirmations are incorporated into the session. It’s helpful to determine on a scale of 1 to 10 how true the belief is to you, and to monitor your progress throughout the session.

If something is upsetting you emotionally, you can try tapping. Give it a go, because you never know where this technique could lead you!

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