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Episode 074: Something About Nothing

Today’s episode is about….nothing! Well, there’s no structure or 7-step checklists in this one, but James and Phoebe do have a candid and casual conversation on everything from fear, the problems with goal setting, what part passion plays in success and so much more!

Do you have a fear getting in the way of launching your own podcast, product or business? Phoebe is working on this herself as she’s changing directions in her own business. To get over it, she’s learned to trust herself and realize that the fear is part of her entrepreneurial journey.

James adds that if your product doesn’t sell or “flops,” it doesn’t mean anything at all unless you let it. Consider what’s the worst thing that can happen, and then come up with contingency plans based on this.

Silicon Valley has a saying: fail fast, fail often and fail forward. You need to be the scientist in your business by always hypothesizing and testing things to see what works, and what doesn’t.

Goal setting can be a trap that we fall into in that a goal has nothing to do with who we are personally. It really just identifies what game we want to play, and when you’re able to detach from the outcome of your goals, you will start to have more fun.

If you do what you’re passionate about, like helping others, then business growth is a natural by-product.

You only learn by doing, and failing in the process. From a mindset perspective, there has to be a sense of “knowing.” You’ve got to lead with this and let it guide you!

According to James, self-doubt is the number one thing that’s keeping you from getting what you want.

Blend what you’re passionate about with where you can provide value, and most importantly, where you can get paid (because it’s a business after all)!

Phoebe likes the idea of getting good at something and then it can become a passion, rather than pressuring yourself to determine what your passion is. James shares that action will help you get more specific on what your true passion is.

James notes that an entrepreneur is the person who is always seeking the new opportunity, and he contrasts this with someone who is just a business owner.

There is a direct correlation between being successful and the ability to reframe something that happens. There is always a positive in every circumstance.

When the thought of sharing something online scares you, this is a good sign. When you start to reveal these things to others, you connect on a deeper level, but there is also a way of sharing too much online that can be counter-intuitive.

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