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Episode 007: 5 Steps To Manifest Your Goals In Business

We are all spiritual beings, but we live in a mechanical world with laws that need to be taken into consideration. In this episode, James and Phoebe share practical steps that can be taken today to manifest your goals in business! In October 2014, Phoebe had her first product launch, and made about $3,300 in sales. For her second launch, her original goal was just to exceed this number, but her project management encouraged her to reach hire. She set $10,000 as her target, and was able to manifest a total of $10,250 in sales from the launch.

James has multiple examples of manifesting results in his life and businesses. He recalls one instance when he was told in a dream of a particular amount of money he was going to make the next day, and it happened.

Step #1: Clearly define your goals

Your goals should be both monetary, and time-driven. Phoebe explains that the “when date” makes it more concrete and defined.

James has a technique whereby he creates three goals: “Middle-of-the-Road”, “Wimpy” and “Hairy Scary” (or “stretch” goal, which you always want to have).

He reminds listeners that with goals, you get what you expect.

When you remove the just the money, more magic is possible. He recommends that you break down the goal, into more than just money (it could be # of units that need to be sold, how many leads it will take to generate the required number of customers, etc.). This will make it more real and tangible. Phoebe calls this taking “one small bite” at a time.

They recommend putting your goals everywhere they can be seen. Phoebe used “10K” as her phone background and set reminders of her goal. As well, she would write it out 2-3 times a day.

“It’s like having a relationship with the number; you get to know it. It inspires, excites and reminds you.” (James)

You can also take the goal and create affirmations around it. This should be something that makes you feel good and resonates with you. Phoebe’s was “I am a ten thousand dollar launcher” and “my live events sell out in minutes.”

When you say it, it should spark something inside of you. James says you can use “I always accomplish my goals”, or one of his personal phrases is “I am a powerful manifestor.”

Step 2: Know what emotion this money or experience is going to bring you

James states that when you realize that you can create that feeling right now, you get access to so much more power and magic.

Step 3: Feel those emotions – now

This can be compared to a radio dial. You just identify the “station” that you want to be at (joy, confidence, love, etc.). In order to access it, you need to tune in, now.

Both James and Phoebe actively practice visualization, using all of their senses, to imagine how it will feel when they achieve their goals.

Step 4: Get into action

Change happens when we take inspired action. If you’re stuck, ask the right questions and the answers will come. There are signs everywhere, and James says that the universe is there to guide you every step of the way. The book, The Alchemist, is a great example of this concept (see “INTERVIEW LINKS”).

Phoebe mentions that you need to celebrate the small victories during your journey, and not just wait until the end. To do this, you have to be tracking your progress.

Step 5: Let go and trust You’ve got to have faith that you’ll achieve your goals. If you waver, you’re going to struggle. Manifesting is about the power of universal law. You’ve got to trust the process, even if you don’t know exactly how it will happen for you.

James concludes with:

“It is done. Show me.”

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"The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho