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Episode 005: The Law of Attraction and Your Business

James and Phoebe discuss the Law of Attraction in this episode, and include helpful resources and simple steps on how to manifest things you desire into your life and business! James recommends two great books that look at The Law of Attraction, “E-Squared: 9 Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality” by Pam Grout and “The Vortex” by Abraham Hicks (see “INTERVIEW LINKS”).

James defines The Law of Attraction in the following ways:

1) Like attracts like

2) You bring close to you what you focus your attention on (not necessarily what you focus on, but what you make it mean)

2) Thoughts create things

Manifesting is simply physical evidence of an existing vibration that you have. Everything is the vibrating energy, and that vibration is indicated by our emotions.

James talks about a great video on YouTube called “Happiness Is The New Productivity”, by the CEO of MindValley (see “INTERVIEW LINKS”). It shows how business isn’t about strategy; it’s about mindset first. The concept of a “flow state” is important, and you need to be happy in the now, but have a grand vision for the future.

James shares his story about starting a successful business with a partner, and having the partner end the relationship. It put James in a state of “free fall”, but the events opened up the space for him to create his next steps. He now considers it a chapter of his life that he learned so much from.

“I would never trade that experience in a million years”

It also made him realize that he didn’t want to be building a business for someone else. He wanted to build his own.

“Your success as an entrepreneur is contingent on your ability to reframe the problems, or the unwanted, that occur in your life or your business”

Phoebe always looks for the lessons in the things that happen in her life.

James adds that what is happening right now, is a direct result of what you’ve been attracting in the past.

When you aren’t attracting the right things in your life, there is always tomorrow and you can start again. You need to take responsibility for everything you attract into your life, which can be hard at first but you become more mindful of it as you practice awareness.

A criticism of The Law of Attraction is that you can’t just close your eyes, visualize and have something appear. James says that you need to hustle, or take action, but you can’t do this from a place of fear. Dial up to that positive vibration first, then take inspired action from there.

One example of taking inspired action is this podcast. James had been thinking of starting one and just reached out to Phoebe to begin the process.

“It has come together so quickly and so easily”

Phoebe adds her example of wanting to move to California. After living in Germany for 7 years, with intention, the move was easy and happened quickly.

James manifested his new office when visiting a friend in Maine. After seeing his friend’s office, he looked online and found his current office right away.

3 Simple Steps On How to Manifest Magic Into Your Business 1) Identify what you want

2) Get to the core feeling; why is it important to you?

3) Feel the emotion (it’s all about your decision to feel a certain way)

When people get discouraged, they have to remember to start with the small things. James attracted foreign money into his life, and advises to “build the muscle” when it comes to The Law of Attraction. He also reminds listeners that beating yourself up is a negative emotion, and a vicious cycle that gets you nowhere.

Feeling gratitude is the way to manifesting and attracting. James and Phoebe’s homework to listeners is to write a list of 20 things every morning that you are grateful for. Do this, until you feel it, and notice the things that will come into your life.

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INTERVIEW LINKS: E-Squared: 9 Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality” by Pam Grout

“The Vortex” by Abraham Hicks

“Happiness Is The New Productivity” YouTube video