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Episode 046: Ingredients for Manifesting

In this episode, James and Phoebe share the essential ingredients for manifesting anything that you want into your life. James feels it’s important to intentionally create your reality and the things that you want, as opposed to being a victim of life.

He and his team are in the middle of the first of two big launches for the year. Naturally, launches can be hectic and crazy times for entrepreneurs, but this one has been the most effortless they’ve ever done. However, as creators, it does take a lot to make content.

“It’s a constant daily test of physical energy; do I have it in me to create this?”

He comes back to a place where he reminds and trusts himself that everything is going to get done.

“Overwhelm comes in when time becomes an issue”

When you’re stuck in a state of overwhelm, you can’t create effectively.

Their most recent program teaches course creators and online influencers how to have a more strategic approach to their business so they’re not stuck in overwhelm and confusion. This enables one to get the results he or she desires, and James adds that he felt better offering this course than any other one that he’s ever done.

As an entrepreneur, we should be getting right to the core of what we want to be helping people with.

“Sometimes we kind of skirt around what we’re really meant to do and what we really want to do”

Phoebe believes that there is a fine line in knowing when it’s time to do it and actually just getting it done.

James defines manifesting as physical evidence of an existing vibration. We can actually “tune” our energy or vibration to different frequencies.

“Our emotions are simply the GPS or the dial that tells us where we’re vibrating at”

In order to manifest intentionally, we have to know two things: what do we want to manifest and how to we think we’ll feel when we have the thing we want?

3 essential ingredients to manifesting what you want

1) Expectation

Expectation is the concept of trusting, or acting “as if” the thing has already happened. People often put fear or uncertainty into the process, but if you tune your vibration into “success is inevitable,” your success will lead to more success.“My results have skyrocketed over the years, and this is what I directly attribute it to”

Ask yourself “Do I truly believe this will happen?” If your belief is too low, soften it by asking for something smaller, or extending the deadline to achieve it. As a second part to this question, ask yourself if you are deserving of it.

“You are deserving; you are put here on this planet to have whatever you want.”

Expectation is about living life as if “the ball is already in the cup.” This golf analogy implies that you have a knowing that everything will work out for you.

2) Detachment

Detachment is not letting the outcome affect you one way or another. How you see yourself, or who you are as a person, isn’t altered. Try detaching yourself from how it’s suppose to look or happen.

“What you want can come in, and probably will, from the most unlikely of places”

3) Action

Action is meant to be inspired and prioritized, not necessarily “massive.” You should be focusing on that one thing that will push you and your business further.

You still have to be willing to take that action, which will lead to the advice, lesson, motivation or inspiration that you need.

“Manifesting comes into play when you’re doing the things that you never thought were possible”

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