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Episode 043: Too Many Good Ideas

In this latest “Listener Question of the Week” episode, James and Phoebe look at what you do when you have too many good ideas. Is there such as thing as a bad idea? James believes that having too many ideas is not a problem. Looking at it from a spiritual point of view, it means we’re channelling genius from a version of our higher self.

It’s also not the case that by choosing one idea, you have to say “No” to all of the other ones that you have.

He shares that there’s nothing wrong with a crazy idea, and there’s nothing wrong with one being considered “bizarre.”

“You’ve got to be able to believe it’s going to produce the outcome or results that you want it to have”

Phoebe feels that for some ideas, she needs external validation from others that it could work.

“That’s something inside of me that I need to work on”

James adds that it’s a fact that for your idea to become something more, there will come a moment in time where you will have to face your fear.

“Step out of that comfort zone and into the realm of uncertainty”

We often make excuses as to why the time isn’t right for an idea, but the time will never be “just right.”

James calls the moment that you’ll have to take action as the “ledge.” He adds that the beautiful part is the fear won’t be there once you take that step.

Trying asking yourself what is the one big action item that you’ve been avoiding.

“When we don’t take action on the ideas, the ideas stop coming”

One strategy is to start with the idea that gets you the most excited. Remember that as a business grows, it can’t stay in the innovation stage and it must mature to develop better systems.

Before you move on from an idea, identify what is the completion point.

“You might as well make sure that it can keeping working, running and moving efficiently without you before you move on”

Phoebe mentions that there might be little projects you can take on within your company without completely abandoning that idea.

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