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Episode 004: Who Are You To Be The Expert?

In this episode of the podcast, James and Phoebe discuss the 7 tips for overcoming self-doubt and owning it, so you can become the authority in your industry! James feels that everyone goes through this process at some people; some people just don’t vocalize it. Even 7 years later, James still deals with the issue. The question is, how are you supposed to go forward if you’re feeling this way?

Phoebe shares the paradox that you can’t sell if you’re not an authority, but you’re not an authority if you haven’t done it yet.

James adds that you have to be perceived that you know how to do the stuff that you’re saying you can do.

According to James, an authority is:

Someone with knowledge

Someone with experience (you don’t really learn it until you apply it)

Someone that is able to get others to replicate what you do

James says he is a natural introvert, but started using YouTube as a tool for promoting his various businesses. He started with a bartending product that he sold online, and then started teaching other people, who saw results.

His first video product, “Video Traffic Academy”, did over $400,000 in sales as a $97 product, in the first 30 days. In doing so, it became a staple in the industry.

His friend Lewis Howes helped James by promoting him as an authority to his own followers. Since then, it’s been a “leapfrog process”, with one thing leading to another.

7 Tips for Overcoming Self-Doubt & Owning It So You Can Become The Authority In Your Industry

Tip #1: Worrying about “Who Am I?” is selfish.

You have to shift it to being about the message, not you.

Tip #2: If you’re not an authority, you’re creating your authority

When James was struggling, he would tell himself all those times were going to be part of his story. He says you can’t have a story without a hero, and a conflict.

Tip #3: Declare it - no one will do this for you Growing up, it’s been engrained in us that someone else has to declare you as an authority (such as in school).

Tip #4: Make your goals and mission bigger than yourself Determine what your mission is, and help other people.

Tip #5: Replicate your system to give others results, and then highlight them You’re not an authority until you can get someone else to do what you can do. James feels that more people should be offering their services to others in exchange for them being a case study, as you measure their results along the way.

Tip #6: Teach and share freely on what you already know

Being an authority is a perception, and part of a brand. Don’t “hoard” your expertise.

James says, “the more I give away for free, the more people will buy from me.”

Tip #7: You don’t have to be the best to be the authority It’s a misconception that being an authority means that you are better than everyone else. Be yourself, because you’ll know yourself if you’re not being authentic. It all starts with how you see yourself first.

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