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Episode 039: What to Do When Your Patience Runs Out

In this “Listener Question of the Week” episode, James and Phoebe share their thoughts on what you can do when your patience starts wearing thin, the difference between patience and persistence, the importance of milestones, and much more! James says we’ve all felt our patience wearing thin, and in his early days in business, he was impatient and wondering why he wasn’t getting what he wanted fast enough.

“I was trying to win the baseball game without even stepping up to the plate”

He realized that the more time he spent “stepped up to the plate”, the more he increased his chances of getting the results he wanted.

James now comes from a place of patience, rather than persistence.

“True patience means you have a knowing that it’s going to work out”

You have to fall in love with where you are at right now. You can’t rush the “birthing process” of your business.

He stresses the importance of creating milestones in your business, so you can predict revenue, how long it will take to complete a project, and more.

Coming from a right-brained approach, it’s helpful to look for signs to see if you’re on the right track.

The left-brained approach is to look for proof of profit, and your product doesn’t need to be finished before you start selling it.

Phoebe has created logical and practical steps in her business to work towards generating $1 million in revenue.

“That enthusiasm propels me forward; when I’m not excited about what I’m doing right now, there’s no way that I can keep focused.”

James adds that impatience is leading to a fear that what you’re doing isn’t going to work, and we really need to get back to a place of knowing, and certainty that it will.

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