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Episode 035: When You Don't Have the Time

In another episode featuring the “Listener Question of the Week”, James and Phoebe dive deeper on the topic of finding the time to build your business when you have outside commitments and variables to consider. When James feels himself getting overwhelmed, he stops working. This can be seen as being counterintuitive to what most people do.

When time isn’t in your control, or you believe that you have a lack of it, you will feel a lack of power.

“When we’re holding on to something that continues to make us feel powerless, there’s an opportunity for us to feel powerful”

James believes strongly in the phrase, “As within, so without”; meaning the external world is really just a mirror reflecting our inner world (thoughts, feelings and emotions).

If you recognize that something keeps showing up in your life, you are provided the opportunity to address something internally.

The more you believe that you don’t have control over your time, the more it will become so.

It’s important to remember that you chose to make your commitments (such as getting married, having children, etc.), and the most powerful thing you can do is to simply chose them again, and not resist the experiences. Resisting the experiences that we consider external variables will cause them to become bigger issues.

“The way to get empowered, is to chose it”

When you’re in a moment when you feel like you’re resisting a situation, such as being stuck in traffic, try saying, “I choose to be stuck in traffic; I accept that I am stuck in traffic.” This exercise can powerfully put you into the present moment.

In your acceptance of the present moment, you will feel that you can get your power back, with a possibility to create a future where you get what you truly want, with resources you have.

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