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Episode 030: How to Stop Time (Time Chronicles Part 2/4)

In the second part of “The Time Chronicles”, James and Phoebe discuss the limiting beliefs that are eating away at your time and give you practical advice while showing how you can stop time! James says we have more power and control over time than we might think. He talks about an experience he had in which he was able to catch a flight he was going to be late for, and the circumstances that led to this happening.

When we approach issues such as being late using The Law of Attraction, you will get what you expect.

Gay Hendricks says when we switch from “Newtonian Time” to “Einstein Time” (see “INTERVIEW LINKS”), you can realize the power and ability to create what you need to and stop becoming a victim to time.

James notes that to do this, you need to consider that you are the actual source of time.

“Realize we are the source of all those stories (about time). We’re the ones creating that relationship with time.”

When you resist a moment, such as being stuck in traffic, it actually will seem to go much slower.

“The best way to accept it is to acknowledge that you choose that moment in time. Really get present to where you’re at.”

We can affect our experience on time, based on our ability to accept or resist our current situation, and time doesn’t have to be a barrier we face.

Limiting beliefs that are eating away at your time

1) More time equals more money

Working more to make more money can be a very dangerous concept for an entrepreneur or business owner, as there are only so many hours in a day. When this is someone’s way of thinking, his or her default action becomes to work longer.

“If you want to make more money, it’s not about time. It’s about solving bigger problems and reaching more people.”

2) You have to be doing it all

A lot of people online have a guilty need to be on every social media platform, all day long. They have a fear that they will be missing out if they’re not somewhere, and their business will die.

“When you’re trying to do it all, you’re probably not doing any of them very well”

James focused on YouTube first, which he spent years mastering, and he used other platforms to promote his channel.

3) I can’t afford to outsource/No one can do it all well as I can/It’s quicker if I just do it myself

 Phoebe reminds people that you can’t afford not to outsource, and if you give others the opportunity to do the work they might actually do it better than you would have.

James adds that in a true business, everything is able to be replicated using systems, and can be done by others.

It may take a bit of time to train someone else in the beginning, but by looking long-term you’ll realize that you’re building something bigger, and not just focusing on the assignment in front of you.

4) It has to be perfect the first time

Trying to be a perfectionist will really eat at your time and you’ll delay launching your course, program etc. James adds that the actual feedback and experiences your customers and users will have will allow you make improvements.

“Get really good at prioritizing and not trying to be perfect”

5) My email is my “to-do” list

This way of thinking causes you to be reactive in your business as it lets your email dictate your day. Phoebe uses Boomerang to help her prioritize her emails (see “INTERVIEW LINKS”).

James says that you can’t develop good habits if you still have a poor relationship with time. We can’t do everything, and we’ve got to choose to do the things that we really want to do. It’s a continual practice, and in the next episode, you’ll learn how to get your time back with specific strategies, tactics and practices.

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