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Episode 027: Who Should You Trust?

In this “Question of the Week” episode, James and Phoebe discuss how you can determine if people are trustworthy in today’s information age where everyone is the “guru.” First of all, you need to always trust yourself and your intuition, which was explained in a previous episode of the podcast (see “INTERVIEW LINKS”).

Entrepreneurs that are growing and looking to become high-performers have to be coachable and open, as a lot are trapped and don’t see their “blind spots.” In order to get beyond them and have a breakthrough, a lot of trust is required when seeking help.

“You need to be willing to do what you’ve never done before”

Sometimes, who you trust is just a matter of trial and error. Phoebe always asks, “Whose shoes do I want to be in?” When she first started working with James, she saw where he was at in his business and trusted him that she could have that breakthrough she was looking for.

James advises that you look at how long a person has been in the marketplace.

“Time is the ultimate indicator”

A quick Google search and more research will help you find the answers you are looking for on the credibility of a person.

James has followed the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, who has a 30-year track record (see “INTERVIEW LINKS”).

“I listened, I looked; finally after my own investigation, I accepted it. It worked and I became a scientist to it.”

He doesn’t take it lightly that people trust him.

“I really do acknowledge everybody for doing that. For taking action on it, I thank you guys”

Despite your best efforts, there’s no guarantee as to who you can trust, as there will always be “scam artists.”

“The beautiful thing is there is a lesson in everything, even if someone does mislead you”

On the question of who do you share details of your business with, he advises not to share the method, but to share the results.

“There is power in sharing”

You should share what you’re up to and what you’re excited about, as well as your goals. If the people you share with come back with doubts or criticisms, this is an indicator that you had doubt yourself.

“You actually activated the doubt that they are sharing back to you, because we’re just mirrors.”

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