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Episode 025: How to Deal with Negative Environments and People

In the first episode of the new segment, “Question of the Week”, Coral Chipoendsle asks James and Phoebe, “How do you deal with negative environments and people”? This topic is relevant for online entrepreneurs especially, as they are their own brands. The social media platforms available today, such as Facebook and YouTube, allow people to speak their minds easily. James says this is neither good nor bad, but it does hold a lot of people back in business.

He’s faced personal attacks from people online, and Phoebe notes that it’s been said you haven’t made it big until you get this type of attention.

Steps for dealing with negative environments and people:

1) Acknowledge how you’re dealing with it

Are you hiding, or getting angry and lashing out at the person? Whatever your approach is, it probably isn’t working for you right now because trying to resist it won’t make the problem go away. Remember:

“A negative environment, person or comment is simply a reflection of the thoughts and feelings that you already have inside of you”

Pay attention to the comments and criticisms that are really triggering you, as this will show you what your fears and thoughts are, on a subconscious level.

None of the attacks are really personal, but our own egos want to keep us being “right” and “safe.” You’ll want to create space from the situation, and not react right away, even if your initial thought is to lash out at the person. Don Miguel Ruiz reminds people to not take things personally in his popular book, “The Four Agreements” (see “INTERVIEW LINKS”).

Accept it as something that is something going on inside of you. What if this was the universe pointing out the active vibration you have within yourself?

2) Determine what feelings, beliefs and emotions you want more of

We all have the ability to shift what’s happening. We are all choosing what is “good” and “bad”, but everything just “is.”

James believes in a constructive reality where we are all worthy and loved. There is no bad or wrong. Come from a place of acceptance: of your strengths, and your weaknesses.

Often we approach a business from a place of lack and inadequacy. This leads to us believing that “hustling” proves your worth.

“If you come from that place, you’ll never reach the destination”

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