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Episode 024: Using Your Intuition In Business

What is intuition? Is it really a sixth sense that we can develop? In this episode, James and Phoebe share more on intuition and the steps involved in developing it for your business! A Harvard University researcher studied over 13,000 business executives and found that over 80% of them credited their success to relying on their intuition.

In another study, a senior advisor to Shell Oil concluded that among Fortune 500 companies, intuitive information strategies are most often found at the highest levels of an organization.

Albert Einstein is said to have made his biggest discoveries while daydreaming and Nikola Tesla’s greatest inventions came as a “flash of insight”, or as a vision.

Apple CEO Tim Book used his intuition to decide on joining the company when everyone was advising that he shouldn’t. James says this is a lot of what intuition is.

“(Intuition is) making the decision that is not logical”

He says it’s much more about feeling the answer than thinking the answer.

“I realize that 90% of the decisions I make in my business are based off of intuition”

Coming from a place of belief gets him more excited about being guided by intuition.

To a certain extent, intuition can be developed. James use to be a very left-brained and logical person but now opens himself up to trusting his intuition.

When he was child, he was doing entrepreneurial things and he feels we all have an innate calling to do what makes us happy.

“It gets trained out of us and then we spend the rest of our life trying to trust it again”

He says it’s our natural tendency to be full of joy, passion and gratitude.

“If we simply let go of focusing on all that negative stuff, we can begin to raise our vibrations and go more into a place of inspired action”

Intuition is about being able to see ahead.

“To be able to see the unseen, that’s really what entrepreneurship is”

There are four ways that people receive intuitive messages:

  • Clairsentience – the ability to feel and experience different energy
  • Clairvoyance - the ability to receive a picture in the mind
  • Claircognizance – the ability to hear something, such as a voice
  • Clairaudience – a “knowing”, without knowing how it got there

“The more we can recognize (intuition), the more we can listen for it”

An exercise you can do is to write down a simple list of five action items or decisions you’ve made recently that worked out for you, and five that did not. Try to identify if your intuition played a role in these decisions at all.

Was there a feeling or sign that guided you towards the right decision, or encourage you away from the wrong ones?

A 6-step process for strengthening your intuition muscle is:

  • Get clear on what you want. This is what should be guiding you.
  • Get present, as “in the moment” as possible
  • Ask the right questions
  • Trust
  • Take action on the intuition
  • Acknowledge your intuition and thank it

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