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Episode 013: Creating Your Morning Routine

Do you have a morning routine? Having one can be important, and can set the tone for your day. In this episode, James and Phoebe share how they each start their days, as well as giving listeners a “buffet” of choices for what to include, and not include, when developing a morning routine. James changes his routine often, but they all tend to follow a similar theme.

“I do create that space that allows me the opportunity to start any day right. Your morning routine is about putting you first.”

It’s important to be consistent, and intentional, when starting a routine. Ask yourself what feels good to you. For James, it’s feeling joy and peace, while being powerful productive and grateful.

James routine usually includes driving his golf cart around his private community early in the morning while listening to audiotapes, or going for a walk on the beach. He usually goes for breakfast by himself and reads a book with a tea or coffee. As well, James meditates twice each day.

“Meditation for me is a mainstay; it’s a staple and it’s essential.”

Phoebe sets her phone to 14 minutes as soon as she wakes up, so she can close her eyes and visualize. She pictures the projects she’s working on, outcomes she’s looking for, and in depth details of what she wants in her life.

You can be so much more receptive to suggestion when you wake up for a dream state.

Seeing the sunrise in the morning is something Phoebe looks forward to, and she’s done the practice of writing “love letters” to herself. This can help you can in touch with who you are and to appreciate yourself.

What are things that shouldn’t be in your morning routine?

  1. Facebook, Email and Text Messages - These are things that you don’t have control of, and they can trigger stress to start your day.
  1. The News – If you find yourself getting upset by the things that you read, it’s time to re-evaluate whether it’s the best thing to include in your morning routine.
  1. Early Morning Meetings/Calls – These tasks should come after your complete your morning routine.

What are some things that you can put in to your morning routine?

  1. Walk - This can be alone, or with others.
  1. Meditate – Set meditation “goals”, even if you start with just 5 minutes a day.
  1. Read – Material you read can be autobiographical, personal development or business/marketing content.
  1.  Exercise – This can include yoga, a workout or simple stretching.
  1.  Journal – You can write about how you feel, or go on a “Gratitude Rampage” for what you’re thankful for.
  1. Visualize, Discuss Your Goals, or Do Breathing Exercises
  1. Shower – Be mindful and start your day fresh!
  1. Make Your Bed, Fix Your Preferred Drink & Eat a Healthy Breakfast – these activities can be cornerstones of routine and help start the day off right.           

It’s recommended immediately after you finish your morning routine, you do the important, but not crucial, item on your “to-do list.” This will remove the urgent items in the future, so you’re not as reactive.

Ultimately, it’s not what exactly what you have in your morning routine, but that you have set your day off in the right direction based on how you feel!

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