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Episode 012: How To Get Motivated

We hear a lot about motivation, but did you know that there’s a difference between being motivated, and being inspired? James and Phoebe explain more in this episode, as well as providing 6 ways to invite more inspiration into your life! James explains that when the motivation you receive is external, it is short-lived.

For this reason, he helps the clients and students he coaches get inspired, rather than motivated.

Being motivated won’t necessarily get you to your goals, but it does allow for an opportunity to open the space for inspiration.

Inspiration is intrinsic, or internal, and is defined as “the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something.”

James looks for ways to be inspired in his business. Rather than taking “massive action”, take “inspired action” where you create from the inside out. This is a natural tendency that feels effortless.

James shares how he was inspired to get his own office in Laguna Beach after seeing his friend’s office space in Portland, Maine.

Phoebe was working at an uninspired job in Beijing when she noticed a lot of her friends were single. This inspired her to start hosting singles events to bring people together, and the venture eventually replaced the income from her full-time job.

6 Ways To Invite More Inspiration Into Your Life

1) Set intentions for what you want, and ask the right questions

When James’ coaching clients are stuck and not knowing what to do next, he always has them ask themselves, “What do I want?” Even though you might yet know the specific details on how it might show up, just being clear ask asking these questions will help inspire you. James used this process himself when planning a launch, knowing he wanted a new way to promote his offer, and the answer came to him after speaking with a friend.

2) Create space to do things that have zero resistance

To get more inspiration, do the little things that you enjoy doing, that have no resistance. This can be as simple as going for a walk, calling up a friend or seeing a movie. James has a go-to list of 5-6 activities that he can go to when feeling burnt out and not in flow.

3) Meditate

James and Phoebe will be dedicating a future episode to this topic, as it is so important. There is scientific proof of the positive effects meditating has on happiness, productivity, teamwork and more. Successful people like Jeff Walker and Arianna Huffington are known to meditate, and Tony Robins has a great YouTube video on his “Hour of Power” (see “INTERVIEW LINKS”).

4) Attend live events to hear inspirational speakers and influencers

Phoebe attends meet up events in her local area to meet influential leaders, and James credits his attending of live events as a major reason for his success. Hearing successful people who are in the flow state share their experiences about life can be very inspiring. Doing this will force you to rewire the way you think, behave, act and feel.

5) Read and listen to inspirational content

Resources such as books and podcasts can create a space that will allow you to be intentional in your life, and help you get in the right mindset to succeed. When you see or hear the passion someone has, it can be inspiring. Phoebe also listens to audio books, which be done while sitting down in one place.

6) Surround yourself with people that can inspire you

James is in a mastermind group that consists of only 7-figure business owners, and he says just being in the same room as everyone else is inspiring.

It’s important to be present, conscious and aware of whom you’re surrounding yourself with. If a mastermind or group you’re a part of isn’t serving and inspiring you, you should get out of it, as you can’t be an inspiring person when you’re not inspired yourself.

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Tony Robbin's "Hour of Power"    **This resource has expired**