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Episode 001: Why I Started This Podcast

James has wanted to start a podcast for years now, but didn’t do it because he thought he needed to reach a certain level of success in his business first. He sees the podcast as a milestone in his journey. For the past 7 years, his business has primarily focused on teaching others about his one of his biggest passions, online video. This podcast won’t be talking about that subject, which he reserves for YouTube.

2014 was the first year that his business hit 7-figures, in the process tripling his revenue from 2013.

James was beginning to question the way we glorify hard work. He wondered how trying to work harder than you did the previous day was sustainable, especially if you are a lifestyle entrepreneur working online.

“This whole thing on hard work, I think people like hearing it. It justifies what they are already doing, which is working harder and working longer.”

If you’ve never done something before, like build a 6 or 7-figure business, how are you suppose to know how to do it? It takes stepping into a whole new way of being, thinking and behaving to get what you want.

James shares that if you want to make a million dollars, you act like a millionaire that already has the mindset of what it takes.

He says he is coming out of what he calls “the spiritual closet” for the first time ever. He typically talks about “left brain stuff”, such as what cameras to use when filming, how to do conversion rates and opt-ins, sales funnels, etc.

James meditates daily and visualizes everything in his life and business. He is a strong believer of using The Law of Attraction to manifest things, and he uses his intuition for practically every decision he makes.

Phoebe started studying and applying The Law of Attraction in the last year and she used visualization during her latest product launch.

“When you’re on track to do the things that you’re meant to do, it should be easy, it should be light and it should be effortless” (James)

He stresses that spirituality doesn’t replace religion. It’s about having understanding, and applying, what people consider “universal laws.”

The first few years of his business were filled with frustration, anger and impatience.

“Stress is the entrepreneur’s word for fear”

Through his inner work, and by working with a healer, he achieved a feeling of confidence and trust, while learning to use his intuition. James shares his story about how he was able to attend a Tony Robbins event years ago using these principles, when he couldn’t afford to buy the ticket.

The goal of the podcast is to share the application of a blend of spirituality, or manifesting, with effective business principles and strategies.

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