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Episode 111: The Manifesting Manifesto

Episode 111: The Manifesting Manifesto

Today I have an extra special bonus episode for you, where I’ll be sharing with you my Manifesting Manifesto (which you can get for free at! There’s a reason I do these things to manifest what I want, and if they work for me, they can work for you to. So give it a shot! Start small and let me know how you make out with the steps for manifesting that I give in this episode.

Episode 110: The Akashic Records 101

Episode 110: The Akashic Records 101

Today I have a fascinating episode for you, as Felicia Giouzelis is joining us to talk all about the Akashic Records. You might have heard the term before, but are wondering what the heck it is and how it can benefit you. I’ve been hearing about the Akashic Records for a long time myself and wanted to learn more, which is why I am currently taken a course offered by Felicia and wanted to have her on the podcast as well to share her knowledge. I ask that you listen to this conversation with an open mind; be open to it and one small step can really change your life!

Episode 109: Unleashing Abundance with Christian Mickelsen

Episode 109: Unleashing Abundance with Christian Mickelsen

Today I’m talking with my friend Christian Mickelsen, who is a #1 best-selling author, self-made multi-millionaire, business coach and healer. You’ll hear how Christian started from nothing and worked his way up to stardom in the coaching and personal growth world sharing the stage with Tony Robbins, Eben Pagan, Reid Tracy, Dan Millman, and many others. I can’t say enough about his latest book, Abundance Unleashed, in which he gives readers the applicable theories in which they too can achieve success. You’ll also find out how to get a free copy of the book, as Christian’s special gift to listeners.  He’s on a mission to heal the world, and this episode is packed with fascinating insights!

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