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“What Got You Here Won’t Get You There”

At the intersection of entrepreneurship and spirituality, The Mind Your Business Podcast untangles the misconception that hustle and hard work are all it takes to be successful. 

Hosts James Wedmore and Phoebe Mroczek invite listeners to explore the patterns that shape your thoughts and behavior, and expand your awareness of what is truly possible.  

The intention of each episode is to leave listeners with practical tools, tips and tactics that can be implemented immediately to improve the quality of your business and life.

James Wedmore

James Wedmore hasn’t just been teaching video marketing to boldly ambitious online entrepreneurs for the past 9 years—he’s been doing it himself for even longer. (Thousands of years. Miiiiiillions.)

Armed with a degree from one of the top 10 film schools in the country, James has built a seven-figure business helping entrepreneurs leverage the (SERIOUS) power of online video and YouTube with such courses and programs like Video Traffic Academy and 48Hr Film School.

Starting in 2016, he massively shifted his focus to the big, glaring gap in the marketplace: the mindset of entrepreneurs. He launched a podcast (Mind Your Business) and a new signature program (Business By Design) to help other content creators, authors and coaches make their mark online and leave an impression that LASTS. James also curates a high-level mastermind called The Inner Circle.

And if you need a little name droppin’, James has been featured on sites you’ve probably heard of, like, Rise to the Top, and Mixergy, and taught as an instructor on CreativeLive.

The bottom line? Building a multiple seven-figure business he runs with his smarty pants wife, Chelsea, has given him the financial freedom to do exactly what he wants (even when that means watching entirely too many reruns of How I Met Your Mother.)

His mission is simple: show business owners how to make serious cash doing what they’re good at, so all work and no play becomes all work is play.

Favorite Episode: #33 Zero to Zen - How to Meditate the Easy Way

Phoebe Mroczek

Phoebe always knew she was different. At five years old, she jumped into entrepreneurship with a stationary stand and by age ten, she had started her first real business: making and selling scrunchies to girls on the playground.  She never wanted to simply fit the mold, so she continued to push to the limits in all areas.

By the age of 30, she had traveled to almost 60 countries on 6 continents, been cage diving with Great White sharks, camped in the Serengeti, and motorbiked across Europe.

Over the past ten years, Phoebe has grown her portfolio with several ventures, including a six-figure online marketing business that she built in twelve months to help established entrepreneurs launch online courses and most notably, a successful coaching practice.

While working behind-the-scenes with the most successful online entrepreneurs and industry leaders, Phoebe found most were missing the mark in terms of true personal growth and fulfillment. This sparked an obsession to understand how to become happier on a holistic level and question society's metrics for success.

Phoebe now helps high-performing female entrepreneurs master their mindset around execution, and create more ease, impact, and adventure.

Her coaching, events, and programs are designed to help women connect, inspire and grow, while staying true to who they are at the core. She is known for her work which seamlessly fuses mindset and business strategy, creating growth and freedom across all areas of life.

Ultimately, it is her mission to help women gain the confidence and courage to live an extraordinary life that creates a massive impact in the world.

Favorite Episode: #20 Know Thyself, Know Thy Business

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